Lecture on Matteo Ricci at Ricci Hall, HKU (9 Apr 2019)

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Group photo of all participants Prof. Lau Chi-pang delivering a lecture on Matteo Ricci Wahyanites participating the lecture


Mid-night Mass 2018 - 25th December, 2018

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Midnight Mass 2018 1 Midnight Mass 2018 2  


Trade Fair of JA Company Programme at Chater Garden in Central (15th December 2018)

attachments/article/361/Hong%20Kong%20and%20Hungarian%20participants%20of%20the%20programme.jpg/attachments/article/361/Under the guidance of business advisors from Bloomberg,L.P., our students formed and operated a JA company, GROUNDE..JPG

Under the guidance of business advisors from Bloomberg,L.P., our students formed and operated a JA company, GROUNDE.


GROUNDE staff with our school principal, Dr. So. Our students were explaining their product details, company mission and vision to the customers in the Trade Fair.  

 Hungary Exchange Programme Visit to Hong Kong 9 Sept to 19 Sept 2018

Hong Kong and Hungarian participants of the programme Let's make some mooncakes together! Our student introducing Hong Kong to our guests

 2018-19澳門開平考察團Macau and Kaiping Study Tour 9 Nov To 11 Nov 2018

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Our Junior Choir performing at the 130th Anniversary of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception  27 Oct 2018

Group Photo of the Junior Choir Members of the Junior Choir with his Most Reverend Michael Yeung Ming Cheung, Bishop of Hong Kong Our Junior Choir performing in the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception


Hungary Exchange Programme 20 April to 30 April

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Good morning gentlemen! Learning in progress Practising Hungarian folk dance


廣東考察團 Guangdong History and Culture Tour - 6th-7th Apr, 2018

Sightseeing around 1, 2, 3...Jump! Introducing historical artifacts


蒙古、北京十一學校考察交流團 Beijing Inner Mongolia Study and Exchange Tour  - 27th Mar-7th Apr, 2018

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We are on board! Visiting the Great Wall Learning Chinese Calligraphy 


第三十四屆全港學界書法比賽 The 34th Inter-school Chinese Calligraphy Competition - 25th Mar, 2018

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Prize recipients Judges of this competition Selecting the masterpieces from students


Participating in social services - 16th and 23rd Mar, 2018

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Participating in social services at Food Angel's workplace Visiting street sleepers A short briefing for our students


Various Music Competitions - from Feb to Apr 2018

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Members of our Chinese Ensemble Members of our String Orchestra Outstanding performance in String Quartet


台北徐匯中學交流團 Taipei Saint Ignatius High School Exchange Tour - 27th Mar-3rd Apr, 2018

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Visiting another Jesuit school in Taiwan with WYK brothers Visiting some tourist attractions Sharing and reflection from our students