Wah Yan College was founded at 60 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong on 16th December 1919 by Mr. Tsui Yan Sau, Peter. There were 4 students on the first day.


The College moved to 2 Robinson Road with 300 students.


It became a Grant-In-Aid school on 1st October.


A branch school was opened in Portland Street, Kowloon.


The Kowloon branch moved to Nelson Street, Kowloon. The number of boys on the roll reached 800. Thus the College became the biggest school in Hong Kong.


The College was transferred to the care of the Jesuit Fathers on 22nd December with Rev.Fr. R.W. Gallagher, S. J. as the first Rector.


A branch school was opened on 8th September in Austin Road, Kowloon. Wah Yan College was closed on 9th December due to the Japanese invasion.


Wah Yan reopened on 8th September in Robinson Road, Hong Kong.


The College at Nelson Street, Kowloon was re-opened.


Wah Yan College (Kowloon) moved to 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon.


Wah Yan College (Hong Kong) moved to 281 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong on 27th September.


The Jesuit Society assumed responsibility for managing Pun U Association Primary School.


Mr. Wu Ying Sheung, Gordon, a past student, donateda new annex; the Gordon Wu Hall to the College and it was officially opened on 12th April.


Wah Yan celebrated its 70th Anniversary.


On 8th May, a landslide occurred on the slope overlooking Kennedy Road due to heavy rainfall. Wah Yan got three "10 A's" in H.K.C.E.E..


An additional Form 6 Science class was opened. The opening ceremony of the 75thAnniversary was held on 21st December and the Wah Yan Archives were also officially opened. Six classrooms were demolished because of the slope problems which were fixed later.


Wah Yan celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Governor Patten officiated at the opening ceremony of the Open Day on 25th November. The Foundation Dinner was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 28th November, with more than 1000 guestsparticipating.


The theme "Growth Through Respect" was adopted for the year. The Jesuit Society announced the retirement of Fr. J. C. Coghlan, S. J. in September Mr. Tam Siu Ping George was appointed the Principal.


The theme "Wahyanite, Hong Kong Sentiments, Chinese Heart, Global View" was adopted for the year. The first exchange student came from Italy.


Start of the 80th Anniversary programme & opening the 6-classroom block on 22nd December. All classrooms and special rooms installed with air conditioners. Culture exchange programme to Mainland China began.


80th Anniversary programmes reached its climax by a mass gathering at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The IT infrastructure began.


The first Wah Yan Family Day was held at the College on 7th January. Over two thousand present and past students and their family members took part in this memorable activity.


The campus had thorough renovation.


The School Development Project officially started on 25th May, with Phases I & II scheduled to be finished by December 2004. The Art Exhibition and Joint Wah Yan Oldies Concert were held on 17thDecember.


The College celebrated its 85th Anniversary. Over 2000 Fathers, teachers and students attended the Joint Thanks giving Mass at Wah Yan College Kowloon on 15th November and the Grand Reunion Dinner was held on the same day. The 9th International Conference of the Past Students Association was held In Hong Kong. The Wah Yan One Family Foundation was set up.


The Phases I & II of School Improvement Project were completed on 14th April and part of the facilities were used by September.


The Chief Executive Tsang Yam Kuen Donald officiated at the opening ceremony of the New Annex on 21st January. The Jesuit Jubilee Thanksgiving Mass was held on 7th April at Queen's Elizabeth Stadium.


Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J. was appointed as the College Supervisor. Wah Yan Dramatic Society celebrated her 60th anniversary and presented scenes from the Cantonese Opera in English on 7th February at the Cultural Centre. On 7th October, over 2,500 participants attended the Wah Yan One Family Walkathon from Wah Yan Kowloon to Wah Yan Hong Kong.


Wah Yan celebrated its 90th Anniversary in the school year 2009-2010.


The New Annex renamed Francis H.B. Wong Teaching Building.


The redevelopment of the School Hall commenced in July.


The School Hall used since 1955 was pulled down for redevelopment.


The 14th Principal of the School Mr George Tam, Siu Ping retired in August and Dr. So, Ying Lun took office as the 15th Principal in October the same year.


The New Hall Complex comprising the new Multi-purpose School Hall as well as additional function rooms and classrooms was blessed, named Wu Jieh Yee Building, and opened for use in September. The School Hall itself was named 邱元德堂.
The School celebrated its 95th Anniversary in the 2014-15 school year.


The first ever Jesuit Education Forum with three international keynote speakers and six other local breakout session speakers was held at the School. It was jointly organized by WYHK and WYK as one of the key celebratory programmes of the Anniversary Year of the two Schools.
The Anniversary Year was concluded with a Homecoming Concert held at the Hong Kong Coliseum in front of an audience of over 7000.