Introduction 簡介

As Wah Yan College Hong Kong (WYHK) is approaching its centenary, The Jesuit Education Board (JEB) commissioned a Taskforce in September 2015, consisting of 6 teachers, 2 parents, 2 alumni and the Principal, to review the key challenges and explore the options ahead for the school so as to better realise the Jesuit vision to education.


After one and a half years, JEB reviewed the options analysed by the Taskforce and made the decision to proceed with formal consultation on the possibility of joining the Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS).


Through the research and analysis, JEB noted that times have changed and WYHK is facing some unique challenges. The time is ripe for the school to seriously consider the possibility of joining DSS.


In the 25 January, 2017 meeting, JEB laid down the following parameters within which the school should develop a proposal for a DSS-WYHK:

 a.        The school should be a place for both the poor and the rich to learn from each other and to grow together as brothers equally valuable in God's eyes. Given the current situation at WYHK, it should consider the feasibility of making use of the flexibility of the DSS to increase intake of less well-off students.

b.        The school should charge a clearly low school fee (e.g. $20,000 or less per year) as compared to schools of similar standing to avoid the image of a school exclusively for the rich and privileged (貴族學校).

c.        Cura personalis as an ideal should apply to the staff as well so it should be taken into account when the school develops its HR policies.

We will conduct two rounds of consultation starting from April. It is expected to last at least half a year. We hope teachers, students, alumni, parents and members from Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School and Wah Yan One Family Foundation will provide their valuable inputs.








1.     港華應該是一個讓貧苦和富有學生一起上課和生活的地方,這樣他們可以互相學習,一同成長,成為在神眼中同樣珍貴的手足。。有見及學校現時面的收生限制,港華應考慮善用直資計劃的靈活性和可行性,讓更多較貧窮的學生能夠入讀。

2.     港華應該收取較同類直資學校顯著低的學費例如每年二萬元或更低的數目,避免港華被標籤為一所貴族學校。

3.     Cura personalis 也應適用於學校的教職員。因此學校在制定人力資源政策時應考慮到這個耶穌會的理念。