Wahyanites Prayer

We have a prayer deep in our hearts 
May God bless and keep our dear Wah Yan 
Our home where we find green, green grass 
Our school where we play and take exams 

May we who came here as schoolboys 
Mature and graduate as gentlemen 
Who strive for the Truth with our voice 
And work for justice through our actions 

Lord, fill Wah Yan with brotherhood 
Teach us how to be forgiving 
May Your love be understood 
Through the love shown by your men 
Your sons, who bear the name "Christian" 

May the Wah Yan Spirit remain 
Among Wahyanites of all ages 
"In Hoc Signo Vinces" will stay 
As a motto throughout our lives 

We prayed that all our Wahyanites 
Will help this Jesuit institution 
To bring glory to Jesus Christ 
For many more generations 

Thank you, Lord, for our Wah Yan days 
And for this precious education 
Though some days we will leave this place 
Our love for her won't fade away