Legend has it that the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, before his greatest battle, saw the sign of Christ in the sky. With the sign came the words ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ — In this Sign, you shall conquer. Constantine did not know its meaning until Christ appeared in his dream and told him to adopt the sign of Christ. Constantine did so and won the day.

While not all Wahyanites would engage in a physical battle in their lives, we are obliged, nevertheless, to engage in a lifelong struggle to conquer oneself. As stated in the Wah Yan Spirit, we believe that ‘for a man to conquer himself is the first and best of all victories.’ In the name of Christ, we shall conquer.


As laid down in 1933 by Fr. Gallagher, our first Jesuit principal, ‘[t]he spirit of a school, like the spirit of a family or the spirit of a nation, is hard to analyse or to define. But school-spirit like patriotism or love of family, is a tremendous power. The boy who has the true Wah Yan Spirit :

  • is proud of his school and of her past traditions. Does not engage in gossip or backbiting against the college or against his masters or companions.
  • appreciates the sacrifices his parents are making to give him a good education. Shows his appreciation and gratitude by steady work and by keeping his personal expenses as low as possible.
  • is polite. Always behaves as a gentleman.
  • is truthful and trustworthy. Any coward can tell lies, but it takes a man to tell the truth.
  • does not boast in victory; does not sulk in defeat. Is a good loser. Realizes that it is a far finer and a far harder thing to take a beating manfully than to conquer.
  • is clean of speech. Remember this: If a boy chooses to tell you dirty stories, it is because he thinks that you have a mind fit for sewage.
  • is always ready to help others. Is unselfish and considerate, prompt to give up his own wishes for others’ convenience.
  • is not a coward before human respect. Will never offend God rather than his companions.
  • believes that “for a man to conquer himself is the first and best of all victories”.