Our junior curriculum is rigorous, but we encourage our students to meet the challenge by learning to learn. All students in Forms One to Three follow the same curriculum. Students with different academic abilities are allotted evenly to different classes, as we believe in an inclusive learning environment for all. For Chinese, English and Mathematics, we offer split classes to cater for high achievers as well those who need an extra push, so that no one is left behind. Recently, we have initiated a new school-based curriculum, IDEEA (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts)(add hyperlink to IDEEA), to provide chances for applying Project-based Learning and Design Thinking to learning.

The full list of subjects offered in the junior forms are as follows:

Key Learning AreaForm 1 & 2Form 3
Chinese Language EducationChinese
English Language EducationEnglish
Language Arts
Mathematics EducationMathematics
Science EducationIntegrated ScienceBiology
Personal, Social and Humanities EducationChinese History
Life & SocietyIDEEA
Technology EducationComputer Literacy
Arts EducationMusic
Visual Arts
Physical EducationPhysical Education
Other Learning ExperiencesLife Education / Religious Formation