The aim of Wah Yan’s curriculum is to enable students to take their place as balanced young adults in the modern world. We seek:

a. to fully develop in them skills and knowledge and to provide them with the enrichment needed for life in its widest sense.

b. to inculcate in students enthusiasm, honesty and open-mindedness, respect and consideration for others.

c. to provide an environment in which students, staff and the Jesuit Fathers work purposefully and live together harmoniously; and in which each student may find areas of happiness and have the fullest chance to develop whatever talents he possesses.

We believe that the ability to learn independently is a crucial attribute for every person in the modern world. At Wah Yan, students are always challenged academically. They are encouraged to rise to the challenge via learning to be a better learner. To achieve that, we invite professional educators to hold self-directed learning workshops and classes regularly. We also encourage our students to take ownership of their learning. Students can choose their desired study pathways under the guidance of our teachers so that they can actualize their full potential.

Evaluation and reflection are essential for a good learner. Alongside conventional school reports, we provide all students with learning attitude grades, and for senior students, projected HKDSE grades. The former records students’ performance in class and assignments to cater for reflection, while the latter gives an accurate approximation to help students with planning their further studies.

Wah Yan is a school with a global mindset. Though English is our primary medium of instruction, our students are encouraged to appreciate our own Chinese culture. We emphasise the importance of communicating in both Chinese and English clearly, elegantly and gentlemanly. On top of the curriculum suggested by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong, we provide support for students to study for international curricula such as IGCSE, IAL, Spanish and other off-campus learning activities for gifted students.