At Wah Yan, we emphasise our being a learning community, from teachers to students and parents. We believe that personal growth is best achieved when all members of a community are committed to learning. Therefore, we deem essential that our teachers are not only passionate about what they teach, but also uphold a growth mindset. We are lucky to have more than 70 very dedicated members of staff who share our beliefs and passion for learning.

We care about the whole-person development of our members of staff in the same way we do our students. All new members of staff are required to complete our programme for new companions, in which they learn to appreciate the Jesuit way of education and reflect upon our mission. It is through experience that our staff learn to practise our way of education – cura personalis (care for the entire person). Below is a full list of our companions at Wah Yan.


Supervisor Fr. Tsui Lap Yan, Clement, S. J.
School Chaplain Fr. Zhang, John Joseph, S. J.
Principal Dr. Chan Wai Lun, Davis
Vice-Principal Mr. Cheung Pak Ki
Vice-Principal Mr. Lai Fuk Wai, Ricky
Vice-Principal Mr. Ng Siu Man, Julian


Miss Capel Sarah Katharine Jean
Mr. Chan Chi Chiu
Mr. Chan Chi Hang, Ricky
Mr. Chan Chin Wan
Mr. Chan Ka Ho
Mr. Chan Kar Heng, Karl
Mr. Chan Kei Fung
Mr. Chan Kin Cheung, Kelvin
Miss Chan Sheung Kan
Mr. Chan Sze Chun, Marcus
Mrs. Chan Wong So Ling, Ada
Miss Chan Yuet Ming, Emily
Mr. Chang Ka Ming, Dennis
Miss Cheng Sing, Michelle
Miss Cheng Wai Mun, Vivian
Miss Cheung Ka Yan, Kathreen
Mr. Cheung Pak Ki
Miss Choy Nim Chee
Mr. Chung Chun Woon, Eric
Mr. Fan Yui Hang, Tommy
Mr. Hau Ka Pun, Ivan
Mr. Hung Kai Sing
Mr. Koo Chun Yin, Vincent
Miss Kung Wan Ki, Kiki
Mr. Lai Fuk Wai, Ricky
Mr. Lai Hung
Mr. Lam Ching Ping
Miss Lam Di, Regina
Mr. Lam Yiu Choi, Jonathan
Mr. Lau Julian
Mr. Lee Kwun King, Chris
Mr. Lee Wood Fai, Willy
Mr. Leung Kam Wa
Mr. Li Chin Pang
Mr. Liu Chi Yin, Henry
Miss Mak Cheuk Man, Fiona
Mr. Man Sui On
Miss Mang Pui Yan, Peggy
Mr. Ng Siu Man, Julian
Miss Ng Yuk Yin, Laura
Miss Pang Po Yee, Patricia
Mr. Sham Kin, Martin
Miss Sun Hiu Lai
Miss Sung Pik Yin, Doris
Mr. Tam Shun Yiu, Alex
Miss Tang Suk Yee
Miss To Pik Wa
Mr. To Shu Cheong, Aloysius
Mr. Tung Yat Chun, Nigel
Miss Wong Lai Tung, Terena
Miss Wong Pui Ling, Caroline
Br. Wong Shun Yip, Joseph, S.J.
Mr. Yeung Pui Hei, Edward
Mr. Yip Wing Hang, Eric
Miss Yiu Wing Sze, Amelia
Mr. Yu Lik Hang, Martin

Music Coordinator

Mr. Wong Kam Pui

Laboratory Technicians

Mr. Chan Chun Nin, Leo
Mr. Mok Man Yee, Moses
Mr. Wong Chun Kwong, Tom

Teacher Assistants

Miss Cheng Cheuk See, Tracy (OLE)
Miss Huang Wan Ling, Ringo (A.V.)
Miss Tang Yuen Ping, Sophia (NCS)
Mr. Chan Robert (Activity)

Student Counselors

Miss Chan Yuen Ka, Carol
Miss Chung Ho Ting, Rachel

IDEEA / Design Workshop Officer

Mr. Yeung Pui Hei, Edward

IDEEA Project Coordinator

Mr. Lo Wing Fai, Stanley

I.T. Technician

Mr. Ng Kwo, Danny

IT Assistant

Mr. Cheng Ho Hon, Frankie

Pastoral Assistant

Mr. Ip Yun Wah, Francis

Assistant to Principal

Miss Ip Wan See Emily

Clerical Officer

Miss Mok Sing Yu, Sharon
Miss Tang Yuen Kei, Alice

Administrative Assistants/Clerks

Miss Wong Ying, Idy
Miss Yik Wai Lin, Joyce
Miss Yuen Miu Har, Jessica

Library Assistant

Miss Wong Fung, May

QEF Project Assistant

Miss Chau Wing Ni

Social Workers

Mr. Cheng Cheung Chun, Chester
Miss Wong Cho Kwan, Porche

Educational Psychologist

Dr. Chu Ho Tat, Matthew