We value sports as an integral part of our holistic approach to education. Our sportsmen excel in both sports and academic studies. In our sports programme, not only do we emphasise physical development, but also the mental growth side, for we treasure perseverance, leadership and sportsmanship. A true Wahyanite is one who ‘does not boast in victory and does not sulk in defeat.’ Therefore, we offer a comprehensive sports education for all as well as specialised training for our elite sportsmen in the pursuit of excellence. We provide a wealth of facilities to complement our sports programme, including a multi-purpose indoor sports hall, a 7-a-side football pitch, a gym and many more.

Wah Yan competes both locally and internationally in the following sports: athletics, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, cross-country, fencing, football, ice-hockey, lawn bowling, orienteering, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

Outstanding athletes with a solid academic record are encouraged to apply for our Sports Scholarship.

We uphold a ‘Music for All’ policy as the bedrock of our aesthetic education, as we believe in the power of music in stimulating spiritual growth. All Form One gentlemen are required to learn to play a musical instrument. As a result, apart from our music scholars, more than 250 students currently play a musical instrument. We have a team of twenty professional instrumental teachers, offering over forty instrumental classes every week.

Specialist coaches train our many instrumental and choral ensembles. We take pride in having a full-scaled Symphonic Orchestra as well as a Chinese Orchestra. Our Choirs perform locally and internationally, from the streets of Wanchai to cathedrals in Budapest. Furthermore, lunchtime concerts are held regularly for our music scholars to share their talents with their peers.

Outstanding musicians with a solid academic record are encouraged to apply for our Music Scholarship.