We believe that learning happens outside classrooms as well as inside. In line with Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP), we emphasise experiential learning. Most student activities at Wah Yan are planned and run by students themselves, while teacher advisors guide students towards the Planning, Implementing, Evaluating (PIE). We believe that the skills to make things happen can only be acquired through getting one’s hands dirty. As a result, we have more than 30 School Organisations, Clubs and Societies, all operated by Wahyanites. School Organisations report to different functional groups while Clubs and Societies are affiliated to the Student Association.

Our School Organizations (Students) include:

  1. Chess Teams
  2. Chinese Calligraphy Inter-School Competitions
  3. Civic Education Student Working Committee
  4. Club of Graduates
  5. Debating Teams (Chinese and English)
  6. Drama Teams (Chinese and English)
  7. First Aid Team
  8. Interact Club
  9. Model United Nations (MUN) Team
  10. Music Teams (e.g Symphonic and Chinese Orchestra)
  11. Red Cross
  12. Wah Yan Cats
  13. Howatson Scheme
  14. School Photo Team
  15. Scout (XVHK)
  16. Sport Teams (e.g Athletics Team, Basketball Team, Football Team, Volleyball Team and Swimming Team)
  17. Star Studio
  18. Student Association
  19. Student Librarians

Our School Clubs and Societies included:

  1. Art Club
  2. Aerospace Engineering Society
  3. BAFS Club
  4. Chess and Games Society
  5. Chinese and Culture Society (中國文化學會)
  6. English Society
  7. Economics Society
  8. Geography Society
  9. History Club
  10. Liberal Studies Society
  11. Mathematics Club
  12. Music Society
  13. Putonghua Society (普通話學會)
  14. Science Society
  15. STEAM Society
  16. Sports Association
  17. Transport and Logistics Society